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At J.R. Lynch & Sons, Inc., employment is more than a job; it's an opportunity to be part of a dynamic team that shapes the future of infrastructure. Our goal is to foster a work environment that values innovation, collaboration, and growth. From lifelong professionals to emerging talents, our diverse workforce brings together a wealth of experience and fresh perspectives, creating a culture where every individual contributes to the success of our projects. We believe in investing in our people, providing training, and career development opportunities to ensure that our employees excel inside the evolving demands of the construction industry.

As an employer, we recognize the importance of work-life balance and employee well-being. Our commitment to safety extends beyond the construction site to prioritize the health and happiness of our team. We offer competitive benefits, a supportive work culture, and opportunities for advancement, promoting a workplace where individuals can thrive both professionally and personally. Joining our company means becoming a part of a legacy of construction excellence, where every employee plays a crucial role in building a better tomorrow.

Basic Benefits Package

Please note the following employment information regarding benefits we offer to our employees: 

  • Major Medical and Prescription Plan
  • Dental, Vision, and Disability
  • Retirement Plan
  • Paid Time Off + Paid Holidays
  • Years of Service Awards + Bonuses

A Lineage of Teamwork

Being an employee at J.R. Lynch & Sons, Inc. is about collaboration, dedication, and a shared commitment. From the early days when a close-knit group of visionaries laid the foundation for our company, to the present where a diverse team of professionals converges with a singular goal, the ethos of teamwork has been ingrained in our organizational DNA. Over the years, this lineage has evolved, each member contributing unique skills and perspectives, creating a dynamic synergy that propels our projects to new heights. The collaborative spirit passed down through the generations has fostered a culture where employees seamlessly work together, whether on complex construction sites, intricate design phases, or community engagement initiatives. This enduring legacy of teamwork is not merely a tradition but a living example of the strength, resilience, and unity that defines J.R. Lynch & Sons, inc.

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